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Good | Grief is an artist run gallery and residency in a preserved three-room factory office founded in February 2017 by Will French, a Sydney-based artist and curator. Envisaged as a 12 month project with rotating monthly residencies/exhibitions, French was motivated to open the space in response to several factors, principally a desire to inject a little goodwill into the arts landscape in Sydney.  Good | Grief is also French’s personal response to the recent arts defunding, closures and destabilisation.


French comments: “Good | Grief is a celebration of all the good that comes of art and also the inevitable grief it causes us to make it, show it and survive, despite it. A perfect dichotomy.”


Good Grief’s exhibition model is unique in its orientation towards the needs of the artist, over the audience. It flips the typical two-day install, three-week show model into a four-week gallery residency, with an opening and two day show. 

“I hope the shows reflect the value of time in situ making, rather than minding”, French says

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